Why do most SLR cameras use SD cards instead of more space-saving Micro SD cards?

1. Historically, CF was born earlier than SD card and earlier than Micro SD card. It took the lead in forming industry standards. To eliminate a standard, the latter needs a very strong advantage. 

2. CF has been verified in speed and reliability and is not falling behind at present. That is to say, micro SD card has no advantage in performance and reliability. 

3. The biggest advantage of Micro SD is price and size: A. Price: It does have advantages. So SD cards begin to encroach on the market of CF cards when their performance can catch up with CF cards. B. Size: The size advantage of Micro SD cards can not be reflected in SLR systems. Although it can be lighter than a few grams, it hardly changes compared with the volume and weight of the whole SLR system. It also gives a fragile intuitive sense of attaching importance to data security. 

4. Compared with micro SD card, SD card has higher security and better quality, and less possibility of data loss. If data loss is very troublesome, then you should consider how to recover deleted photos from SD card without software.

The future trend: with the rapid decline of SLR from professional equipment to popular toys, and with the addition of NFC and WiFi functions, the storage function of SLR itself has gradually weakened. Future users are increasingly indifferent to what is used to store photos inside SLR. I am afraid that there is no chance for the micro SD card to unify.

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